Heather: The Helots Come Out To Make Hay

“Is the Barbie Bandit Really Accepting Responsibility for Her Actions?”

Perhaps Dad has forgotten that God will forgive, but he also punishes.

Does He? Always?


John 8:1-11

I single this post out because it specifically invokes God. As if this person knows God. This person only knows God as he wants to know God. But he doesn’t know God.

I cite the most famous example from the New Testament (an account which in fact is in doubt according to some scholars). Go read the Old Testament. There are plenty of instances where corrupt societies were on the brink of being extinguished by the wrath of God. Yet God first sent prophets to persuade them to repent. They did and were spared.

But, oh, that doesn’t fit in with the God this guy says he knows.

These self-righteous pricks make me sick. Please, pray for a spaceship to take you to another planet! One where you can enjoyably punish one another.

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