jWin MP3 Player Needs Replacement

(Let me see if I can post this little thing even with the WordPress problems…)

I’m still bopping around shuttling tracks on and off a measly 128MB SD card on my jWin MP3 player. Recently I’ve begun to get “squeaks” in many of my tracks. This is irritating as hell. I don’t know if the jWin needs a firmware upgrade (which I’ve never done or even investigated) or if the SD card is already going bad.

I don’t want to get a fatter SD card because navigating so many tracks would just be a nightmare.

Today I saw this post about an upcoming Sandisk MP3 player that looks quite nice. But I wished it was an iPod — because it really needs a wheel.

Then I remembered Apple is having an event on September 5th dealing with new iPods. So I did some searching and, lo, perhaps Apple is coming out with just what I want: something like the Sansa but with that wheel.

I just hope it will be priced like the Sansa (who am I kidding? this is Apple!).

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