Ugh. Backlogged. Still.

August 27, 2007

I never got around to posting all those things that were delayed by WordPress woes.

Spent most of today reading all over the Net about the Palm Foleo.

No matter how much I read, I still can’t see that thing having a sale price between $350-$400. I just can’t. It comes with too little to justify its $500-$600 MSRP.

It’s aimed at “mobile professionals,” so the pricing is probably a soak-the-Suits deal.

But I think that will fail.

At $350-$400, it’s a no-brainer — incredibly limited as it is — for consumers.

You think Palm will understand that?


All for today.

Signs Of Renewed Life At Scribez

August 27, 2007

Damn, I hope so! It had plenty of interesting stuff to read. I’ve missed it!

Being Blonde While Dumb, Redefined

August 27, 2007

Miss South Carolina, really, really stumped by question in Teen USA — Utube blog embedded YouTube Flash video

Oh oh oh.

I had the TeeVee on and this just popped up on the local news. I stopped to watch.

Go click. He even provides a transcript in the Comments.

Quote Of The Day: Matt Stone Of South Park

August 27, 2007

‘South Park’ Creators Win Ad Sharing in Deal

“People always ask us, ‘You own it, right? No? Why’d you sign that deal?’ And I have to say, ‘Because I was sleeping on my friend’s couch.’ ”

Creators And Writers Guild Of America: Take Note!

August 27, 2007

‘South Park’ Creators Win Ad Sharing in Deal

All told, people involved in the deal confirm that it is worth some $75 million to Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone over the next four years. But what is likely to draw the most attention in Hollywood is not the richness of the pact, but the network’s willingness to share its advertising revenue.

Television networks have long maintained a wall between ad revenue and the compensation they pay the talent. As recently as 2000, Leslie Moonves of CBS erupted upon realizing that Mark Burnett, the creator of “Survivor,” had been given a share of revenue from its first season — saying this was tantamount to letting the inmates run the asylum — and a new deal gave Mr. Burnett a much bigger license fee instead.

The future is calling. Pick up the phone.

(This will probably come as a shock to some people: But I don’t watch South Park.)

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NBC To Give Away Show Pilots

August 27, 2007

New media, new ideas tout shows for fall

NEW YORK — To launch their fall lineups, the major networks are turning to the Web like never before, offering viewers the chance to see premiere episodes for free and producing original content around their new series that doubles as entertainment and advertising.


NBC, which is utilizing the tactic most aggressively, is offering downloads of the premiere episodes of the new dramas “Chuck,” “Life” and “Journeyman” on starting Sept. 10.

Also around that date, the 4 million members of Facebook’s Apple students group will be able to exclusively download the three premiere episodes on iTunes. A week later, the iTunes downloads will be widely available.

NBC also is making the premiere episodes of “Chuck,” “Life” and “Journeyman” as well as “Bionic Woman” available as free VOD offerings on about 30 cable and satellite systems, including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Dish Network starting Sept. 10. A week later, streaming video of the “Life” pilot will be exclusively available on AOL, “Journeyman” on MSN and “Chuck” on Yahoo.

There also will be one more online sampling program starting Sept. 4 that involves a partnership with a major retailer, but NBC declined to provide specific details. Additionally, NBC will screen the full premiere episodes of “Journeyman” and “Chuck” on United Airlines flights.

September 10th?!!?

I’ve got news for you, NBC. I’m still looking for an early leak of Journeyman. It hasn’t happened yet. Just about everyone has already seen the first episodes of Chuck, Bionic Woman, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Pushing Daisies. But Journeyman? Nope! (Hell, CBS’s Cane and The Big Bang Theory are also available.)

Don’t believe me, NBC?

Here are three screensnaps from Bionic Woman. Note: I do not have this on my hard drive. This was uploaded six days ago to a site where anyone can view it with a mouse click. The screensnaps were done while it was streaming from the site.




I’ve purposely selected three snaps that reveal nothing other than what you, NBC, would recognize: That Bionic Woman is indeed already out there for everyone to see. I don’t think I’ve spoiled anything for anyone with these nebulous screensnaps.

You, NBC, might have visions of partnering with Amazon and iTunes in order to be kewl, but the only people who will get the pilots that way are people who would more or less watch them on TV anyway. That’s not much of a vanguard for real buzz. In fact, you better hope that Amazon and iTunes don’t experience any problems distributing that stuff. Or you’ll have the kind of buzz you never intended to create.

So, NBC, if you’re not going to do it, you better hope someone else does it for you: Leak Journeyman now.