Help Girls Rock Radio Replace Failed Station Equipment

Girls Rock Radio

Help Girls Rock Radio Replace Failed Station Equipment

Girls Rock Radio has been broadcasting on backup equipment since Saturday Morning, August 25th. Perhaps you caught us during one of our frequent outages that began about a week and a half before that. We’re sorry for any interruption in your enjoyment of the station as we struggled to keep the station on the air while trying to determine what was wrong.

In the end, what we can say is that the main broadcast computer has, for the purposes of broadcasting anyway, failed and must be replaced. Hardware selection and ordering is occurring the week of August 26.

Q: How Can I Help GRR?

Since we are already selecting and ordering hardware, donations of equipment are not necessary. HOWEVER, the equipment will not be free, and like always we could sure use your support right now in monetary contributions to cover the cost of the equipment we must purchase.

We need to raise about $2,000.00 USD.

Now is a good time to point out some important facts…

Listening to the music is always free. We do not operate under any sort of subscription-based revenue model. Nor do we plaster you with on-air advertising – we just tell you who we are from time to time and occasionally ask for your support.

Even though it’s free for you to listen, it’s NOT free for us to broadcast to you. Equipment needs to be replaced from time to time – like right now. Then there are the royalties we are expected to pay. Royalties so high that, if the recording industry had its way with us, we’d be gone! We have to pay our internet service providers, and our broadcast antenna to the world – our streaming host. And, of course, we have to feed our families and pay our bills just like you all do.

Q: How much support has GRR received so far this year?

$ 0.00 USD

Yup. Not a single cent has been donated to this awesome station so far in 2007.

Here’s the real bottom line, dear listener. Not only does Girls Rock Radio need to be saved from extinction at the hands of the recording industry, it needs to be saved from extinction due to lack of financial support! Without sufficient financial resources, we will be unable to develop the station further in the ways we envision.

This is not a hobby station. Girls Rock Radio is the premier station on the internet for the women of contemporary Pop, Rock, and Alternative music. Not only for mainstream artists, but for a growing number of awesome independent artists as well.

We ask that you seriously consider the enjoyment you receive from this station and become a contributing friend and listener of the station. Simply use the PayPal link below and send us what you can.

I don’t have much in my PayPal account right now, but I did send them US$5.00. I know it’s not much, but it moves their needle off that US$0.00. I donated and I haven’t even had time to listen to them at all.

All of you who’ve always lorded your PayPal accounts over me. Now’s the time to use them. Match my measly five bucks. It’ll help.

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