Blog Notes: Today’s Fucking Tech Conspiracy

August 30, 2007

I spent a half hour trying to get that last post up. Kept getting evicted by “WordPress is undergoing maintenance on your server, suckah! Because, Mike Cane, we want to personally persecute you!!” messages.

Before that, I had so many JPGs in one folder, it was bringing this rotten PC to its knees. So I had to distribute them into some other folders.

And before that, I had to run AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy to find out what has been making this PC run so fucking slow. It turned out I had two precursors to that goddammed SmitFraud lurking in the guts. I spent over a week getting rid of that motherfucker last year. Now, even with Avast! AntiVirus running all the goddammed time (I just love the days I get three three three!!! announcements of “Virus database has been updated!” in that jarring mechno-voice — how many fucking virii are out there?!!? And why the fuck can’t the CIA grab those bastards under Extraordinary Rendition and ship them off to be tortured and murdered?!!? — perform a real anti-terrorist service, dammit!), evil things are still slipping in!

I am so far behind not only on previous stuff, but all the stuff I wanted to post today.

Going through MySpace Bulletins alone is eating more time than I could have ever imagined. I might have to start sending out my own very nasty Bulletins to get everyone else to cut back.

I’m throwing in the towel for today. Even while doing this, I’m still getting WordPress maintenance messages.

The Internet Creates Its Own, Uh, Culture

August 30, 2007

That band with the crazy-ass marketing I’ve documented here and here, u239, sent out a link in a MySpace Bulletin.

Chris Hansen – Dateline NBC

About Sound bytes from Dateline NBC’s TO CATCH A PREDATOR series. Chris Hansen is the reporter.


OK, my question is, if there hadn’t been an Internet to post this on, if audio digitization and editing wasn’t available, would the person behind this have done it with Compact Cassette tapes?!

Free Movie: Zeitgeist

August 30, 2007

Zeitgeist movie home page — embedded Google Flash video

I watched the first five minutes of this. It took that long to get to the frikkin title of the movie!

When the voice narration began, I became suspicious. I clicked on the links at the bottom of the page. This seems to be the product of one of those groups that believes the September 11 attacks were part of a massive government-backed conspiracy. It also mixes in a bunch of prior conspiracy theories into what I guess is a stew so potent that susceptible and ignorant people will swallow it without stopping to question what they’re digesting.

I think it’s mostly bullshit. But you go decide. I stopped five minutes in and won’t go any further.

You Wish You Could Be This Good

August 30, 2007

Raquel Villo sends out a Directive from Raquel HQ:



im bored.
fix it.


no messages.

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Hey You Reading This. Don’t Piss Me Off Like This!

August 30, 2007

Help Girls Rock Radio Replace Failed Station Equipment

Dollars raised so far for this request: $ 25.00 USD.
Goal = $2,000.00

I posted about this yesterday the day before too. I sent them US$5.00 via PayPal. That broke the US$0.00 they had been stuck at. I asked you lot to match my measly US$5.00. But only four other people have contributed? (Or was it just one at US$20?)

What the fuck is this?

You don’t pay shit to read this blog. And I’m not looking for any money for it. So send them some. NOW!

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