A Post-iTunes Fable For NBC

Once Upon A Time…



In a strange faraway dreamland called California, there were a collection of people called Suits.


And by luck the Suits got to hang out with all the pretty little ladies. Because the Suits had power.


In their little dreamland, the Suits failed to notice some other people among them.


These people had what were called m4dD skI77z. Because they couldn’t hang out around pretty ladies. There was no time for that. Besides, they hated Suits.


The power of the Suits rested entirely on their keeping goodies away from people until they deigned to allow people to see them.


In fact, at one point the Suits withdrew some goodies from a marketplace that was very, very popular with ordinary people. It dimmed some of the brightness of that marketplace.


The Suits thought that would give them more power. But it didn’t.


For the people with m4dD skI77z operated in a different land. A land called cyberspace. And cyberspace was bigger than any single marketplace, no matter how very, very popular it was with people.


And in cyberspace, people could get anything. Anything and everything.


The Suits woke up one day to find out cyberspace was blowing up their asses, exploding their little dreamland.


The Suits found themselves on the outside, with their power slipping away, as they tried to stop their fall.


The Suits used to have power. And they used that power badly. Very, very badly.


Suits, meet Chuck. He’s out there. In cyberspace.

Welcome to reality, NBC.

Recognize these pictures?

This is the nightmare you have just created.

Embrace your downfall.

Disclaimer: Publication of these screensnaps is in no way an admission, implicit or explicit, of an illegal act having taken place. In cyberspace, even streamed video can be screensnapped, with no data ever residing in the local computer. Ask your attorneys, Suits.

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