Remember This The Next Time The MPAA Cries About Piracy!

September 2, 2007

Movie Studios Bask in Blockbuster Summer

Hollywood lived its own second-chance “Rocky” story this summer as a business that looked to be going down for the count two years ago rebounded with record revenue and an unparalleled string of blockbuster hits.

The movie industry had its first $4 billion summer and will finish with a haul of about $4.15 billion from the first weekend in May through Labor Day, according to box-office tracker Media By Numbers.

That was up 8 percent from last summer and surpassed the previous high of $3.95 billion in summer 2004.

Emphasis added by me.

Remember it, remember it, remember it!

They don’t seem to understand: sales are shit when the movies are shit! People won’t line up to pay for what they don’t want to see!

Final Cut? Shred It For All I Care!

September 2, 2007

New “Blade Runner” cut is “how it should have been”

I absolutely cannot understand the cult that has surrounded the movie Blade Runner. I simply hate this movie.

That’s because I love the work of Philip K. Dick and there is just about none of him in this movie allegedly based upon his classic novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The novel is a stunning work of genius. The move is vapid, pretentious Hollywood bullshit.


Read the book.

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Quote Of The Day: The Genius Of Jack Kirby

September 2, 2007

Jack Kirby, a Comic Book Genius, Is Finally Remembered

He created a new grammar of storytelling and a cinematic style of motion. Once-wooden characters cascaded from one frame to another — or even from page to page — threatening to fall right out of the book into the reader’s lap. The force of punches thrown was visibly and explosively evident. Even at rest, a Kirby character pulsed with tension and energy in a way that makes movie versions of the same characters seem static by comparison.

Kirby was — and is still — so far ahead of everyone. He will be stolen from by generations to come as the tools to create dramatic imagery via software becomes more powerful, affordable, and spreads out to the masses.

Jack Kirby (Mike Royer inks) panel from his neomythic New Gods epic series

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Blog Notes: Stupid Freakin Avatar

September 2, 2007


Fine, everyone wants a freakin image these days.

Well you won’t get one of me.

This is the first Mike I can recall encountering on TV. It’s Mike Mercury, hero pilot of the Gerry Anderson TV series Supercar.

He’s a marionette. And also better looking than me.

Now shut up.

Mike Mercury at the controls of Supercar

What? They’re Making A Movie I Want To See?!!?

September 2, 2007


According to the Paul Lynde MySpace Page(!), this is in pre-production. Produce it! Produce it!

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Blog Notes: Photos

September 2, 2007

I’ll probably rip through my fresh new 1GB of paid disk space faster, but I’ve decided to change the dimensions of the photos I publish here.

Previously, I did 320×240 or 320 wide by however long the photo was.

There was also blurriness in the damned photos. It turns out there’s a setting in Photo Toolkit — hidden in a damn drop-down menu that has to be selected every time! — to make photos sharp. If I don’t choose that when Resampling, everything gets blurred. Now that I’ve found that, I’ve been using it, and I think the difference can be seen.

From now on, I intend to post photos that are 440 wide by however deep the photo requires.

Note that I won’t be able to do this with everything. YouTube screensnaps are 320×240 and I don’t want to enlarge them and bring out their pixellation.

I also won’t be going back to change everything that’s already been published. That’s just not possible. My original photos had the shit cropped out of them and trying to replicate that would drive me insane.

September 21, 2007: The Next Wave Of Shit…

September 2, 2007

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran

Connect that dot to this:

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! [update: dead link]

This is an enormous and dangerous stock option activity. If it goes right, the guy makes about $2 Billion. If he’s wrong, his out of pocket costs for buying these options will exceed $700 Million!!!

The entity who sold these contracts can only make money if the stock market totally crashes by the third week in September.

Emphasis mine.

Spooky, innit?

I think we need a laugh for a chaser: GOAN.

— linkswipes via reddit

Vogue For National Socialism!

September 2, 2007


Und Then We Go Bathhouse, Hans!

Nazis bastards just cry out for it!

See original poster here.

Real Nazi Men Love Real Nazi Men

September 2, 2007


Hans and Hans Are Happy in Derr Reich
Even Since Derr Fuhrer
Approved Gay Marriage

Oh come on. It’s so much fun to ridicule those Nazi bastards!

See original poster here.

These Were Our Toys. And We Never Had School Shootings.

September 2, 2007


Maybe we weren’t kewl, but we were happy!

See a crisper image here.