Blog Notes: Photos

I’ll probably rip through my fresh new 1GB of paid disk space faster, but I’ve decided to change the dimensions of the photos I publish here.

Previously, I did 320×240 or 320 wide by however long the photo was.

There was also blurriness in the damned photos. It turns out there’s a setting in Photo Toolkit — hidden in a damn drop-down menu that has to be selected every time! — to make photos sharp. If I don’t choose that when Resampling, everything gets blurred. Now that I’ve found that, I’ve been using it, and I think the difference can be seen.

From now on, I intend to post photos that are 440 wide by however deep the photo requires.

Note that I won’t be able to do this with everything. YouTube screensnaps are 320×240 and I don’t want to enlarge them and bring out their pixellation.

I also won’t be going back to change everything that’s already been published. That’s just not possible. My original photos had the shit cropped out of them and trying to replicate that would drive me insane.

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