OK, Now The Foleo Scares Me

That last post was typed into my LifeDrive using the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard.

It was a pain in the ass to do!

So many typos because the keys weren’t where my fingers expected them to be and also because the keys were so damned small and cramped together. Plus the damned driver has to be dealt with — it apparently likes to meditate and do nothing.

It got me to thinking about what it would be like to type on the Foleo’s vaunted ISO-compliant full-size keyboard.

But when I got home and measured the Palm folding keyboard, I found it measured a wee over ten inches wide. Or the alleged width of the Foleo’s keyboard!

However, when I look at this view of the Foleo (generously donated without their knowledge by Palm):


It sure looks a hell of a lot roomier from bottom to top row than the folding keyboard. The length of the spacebar worries me, though — but looking at my PC’s keyboard, it actually seems to be the same length. Some sort of optical illusion…

I’ve been looking for a mobile blogging machine. At first, I thought the Raon Digital Everun could be that. But a five-inch screen could be a problem. Plus, I’d have to remember to, or simply constantly, lug along my Chinese Bluetooth keyboard (which, aside from carry weight, I love).

My travel keyboard

Then I thought the upcoming HTC Shift would be heaven. But it’s just about seven-and-a-half inches wide. That makes for a cramped keyboard — close to three inches less than the length of the Palm folding keyboard! And then there is the ~US$1,500 price tag. I’d get very nervous carrying that in a shoulder bag in a ferry crowd.

Something keeps going through my mind about the Foleo. I’m even ashamed to admit that this meme has gotten stuck to my brain: The Foleo is a PDA grown-up.

Yeah, slap me around for holding that in my head.

Anyway, no conclusion here. Just troubling thoughts.

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Bwahahaha! You laughed at me, Cane! Who’s sorry now?!

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