Left Is The New Black For The Web

I went to Warren Ellis’ site and found out he’s been playing with my mind behind my back. He’s changed the design of his site yet again. I now see he’s part of The Global Plot that’s out there to loosen my grasp of reality. Can’t trust those English. They know how to do that. See 1984.

Everything — well, the stuff you read — is now on the left of the screen.

Another site that’s done that recently is JK on the Run.

JK admitted that it made his site easier to read on mobile devices.

That’s something I started screaming about (via email back then, to him and others) once my hands were filthied by The Biggest Piece of Shit Known to Man. It took Nokia sending JK The Son of The Biggest Piece of Shit Known to Man for the lightbulb to flicker to life. Shortly thereafter, his site turned Left (as it were).

This site has always been lefty. But it’s also because I like this design and especially love the name of this WordPress Theme: Contempt.

Have your site Go Left. Or get, uh, left behind.


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