New iPod Nano!

Well, I guess this leaked photo is legal now…


Gizmodo live coverage says:

Storage: Two versions, 4GB and 8GB. 4GB will only come in Silver and be priced at $149, and 8GB will come in all colors at $199.

To compare those prices:

SanDisk is pricing their new Sansa Clip at $40 for 1GB and $60 for 2GB. To compare, the current iPod Shuffle is $80 for 1GB — and it lacks many of the features of Sansa’s Clip — such as a screen! — which will sell for half the price! The current iPod nano runs $149 for 2GB, $199 for 4GB, and a whopping $250 for 8GB.

Look at that: a 2GB Sansa Clip with more hardware features than a 2GB iPod nano — the prices are $60 versus $150!

OK, so Apple has left an opening for SanDisk to slip their Clip into the marketplace. I can’t see someone really choosing a screenless iPod Shuffle over a Sansa Clip with screen. But then, that’s how I am. Who am I kidding. It’s all iTunes, iTunes, iTunes. We all know that!

Besides, the 4GB Nano probably offers a better screen. Plus, video playback.

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