Blog Notes: Almost Cancelled!


Really. It’s a jinx of mine.

If I tell anyone else what I’m going to do, Something comes along to eff it all up.

That’s the case with these two Foleo posts I’d expected — planned — to post. I should never have mentioned them at all. That way, I could have quietly said Feh! and never done them. Or not been so ambitious in my original plans.

Now, however, I’m committed. At least to something. What’s shaping up isn’t what I first planned. Between now and still-planned publication it might change again.

Of course, I could always wind up getting an email from Ed Colligan that would cancel all this, dashing my plans and publicly humiliating me.

Maybe I should call it The Foleo Syndrome: Better to shut up until it’s released than to pre-announce and get a mob throwing rocks at you for not delivering.

Anyway, I won’t be posting about the Foleo today. But at least now I have a better keyboard to use when I’m away from this PC later! I’ll see how much work I can get done.

In the meantime, I’ve been contacted (yes, there are people who do email my cranky ass!) by the ProFoleo blog. Go take a look at We still want one. It’s a shame that Palm doesn’t have the brains to understand the implications of that. Plus, Palm is no longer a company that changes history anymore. If Steve Jobs were to see it, I think he’d understand it immediately. In fact, he just basically pulled off something like what that implies. I’ll be rolling this into my upcoming Foleo posts.


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