If We Can’t Have Momentum On This, Can I At Least Get An Amen, Brother?

Two calls for Ed Colligan to be terminated or to resign:

The first:

Just like Colligan cancelled the Foleo, Palm should fire Colligan

Colligan shows that it’s never too late to fix a mistake. Palm should take the hint and get rid of Colligan. What has he been doing all these years??

The second:

Dear Mr. Colligan …

By Tim Beyers September 5, 2007

To: Ed Colligan, CEO, Palm (Nasdaq: PALM)

From: Tim Beyers, The Motley Fool

I’m writing to ask you to step down.

How long before others catch on? Ever? Bueller? Bueller?

–second linkswiped from Palm Infocenter

Left: PDA pioneer
Right: The Humiliator

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