LifeDrive Notes: I Can Has Bluetooth Keyboard?!!?

Following up on my previous post: The answer is … maybe.

I downloaded the driver for the Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth® wireless technology.

My God. It worked!

But then I got a crash.

Don’t know why.

But when the LifeDrive rebooted, it worked again.

Before all of you rush out to try this At Home, give me a day to bang on it to see if it’s all good.

In the meantime, some piccies:

You can’t read the screen, but it says: I Can Has Bluetooth Keyboard?!!?
(And, yeah, the WriteRight is worn. You lookin’ to start trouble?)

Top view of both keyboards. Notice the big-ass Driver On! note.

Lined up for key-size and roominess comparison

Close-up action shot of above

(Yeah, yeah. Shut Up about the surface it’s on. I wanted to post pics fast here, so I put it on a mat the cat sleeps on! No flash reflection. And oooh, look at that contrast!)

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