A Third Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: Steve Jobs Is Journeyman

Chuck comes through with a leak of Journeyman!

Some clever NBC promotion embedded within it. Today Show when Zucker reigned.

They went Lost-like with the titles. Brief bit of music & series title.

I have to give credit to a brother writer.

Yeah, the director too. (Support the WGA, DGA!)

The Jman presents some m4Dd skI77z too!

But these next photos explain why NBC cannot beat Steve Jobs. And also how the iPhone came to be.







Do you see NBC? You cannot beat Steve Jobs. He’s a Journeyman too. The iPhone is obviously technology he stole while visiting the future. He’s already seen your abysmal and tragic failure with Amazon’s Unbox. He’s already seen Zucker having to resign in disgrace! He’s already seen a near-dead NBC being unloaded by GE to Rupert Murdoch!


See it! See it!


And the iPhone was created by Apple — in 2020!

Already defeated!

Disclaimer: Publication of these screensnaps is in no way an admission, implicit or explicit, of an illegal act having taken place. In cyberspace, even streamed video can be screensnapped, with no data ever residing in the local computer. Ask your attorneys, Suits. Or even better, ask your Local Chuck — hell, you’re putting on a whole TV series about them!

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