Blog Notes: I Know You Want It. And I Want To Give It To You. Really!


Unlike a certain company which has changed its product menu (see above) and which has — as ProFoleo puts it — done a “first-degree murder of the Palm Foleo,” I am still going to get those Foleo posts done and up here.

Just not today.

Since installing that Bluetooth keyboard driver, I’ve experienced a degree of battery drain — even when the driver and Bluetooth are both off — that I can’t explain. Also, I just haven’t had time to sit the hell down with that Bluetooth keyboard and actually write.

The stuff I put up here today I had to get done, to clear out backlogs and update past posts.

And even with that, I’m still massively backlogged.

I will pound the keyboard tonight. Really. But I make no guarantees for posting tomorrow. Maybe Sunday, if not tomorrow.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, enjoy today’s last post, right above this one.

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