Richard Perez Has Finished His New Novel!

God, I wanted to post this earlier. But Ed Colligan and Steve Jobs have stolen my time this week!

Here is the fantastic good news via MySpace Bulletin:


563 double-spaced pages, that is.

I feel like I’ve had my brains yanked out my asshole. So tired and worn out. Disoriented. No internet or phone (cell off) for nearly 2 months. With the exception of my mega-movie friend, Dontal, no human contact whatsofuckin’ever.

Brutal, baby. Brutal.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted. I feel like I could just fall asleep and never wake up. (And I wouldn’t care.)

But it was worth it, I guess. The book is really something special.

It’s a lot of things: a youngish bohemian tale (of “artists” wanting to make an impact and, of course, achieve fame), a story of alienated non-conformists (so it has a juvenile delinquent quality), a Thelma and Louise (“buddy love” or “girls on the lam”) story, a sexploitation and S/M (and, yeah, femdom) romp, a lampoon of auteur (a.k.a. ego) film-making, a satire of media celebrity and “true-life” tabloid sensationalism. The tone and humor of the novel is somewhat like Running With Scissors or Dry, but told with the bluntness and crude language of Charles Bukowski at his best, with sardonic touches reminiscent of early Chuck Palahniuk. The claustrophobic, downtown, drug-addicted, end-of-the-line feel is a bit like Party Monster. The fatal love these two gals share is somewhat like Heavenly Creatures. And, yeah, I have to emphasize, it’s a comedy, despite its mock-serious tabloid title.

This fucking novel is really the very best work I’ve every done. On a story level, Tarantino on steroids. Bold and demented, totally packed with vulgarity, obscenity, and crazy in-yo-face behavior. Did I also mention it’s an epic tribute to exploitation movies? Especially “Bad Girl” cinema?

I think I also manage to turn my protagonist (one of the two, actually), Dolores — my crazy, Latina, wassup! non-conformist — into a three-dimensional character. That’s one thing that exploitation films don’t do well: add much character dimension. This girl is crazy, but she’s also real.

The full title of the book is: PERMANENT OBSCURITY: or a Cautionary Tale of Two Girls and Their Misadventures with Drugs, Pornography, and Death

Here’s what the novel looked like originally, when I wrote it out by hand (759 double-sided index cards):


This is what it looks like today, as I printed it out: 563 pages + 2 title pages


This is the title page, as I conceived it: white letters on black. (It’s supposed to be a black comedy, after all.)


As you can see, the real author is Dolores. Dolores Santana. I’ve just been a fuckin’ secretary, taking dictation. This bitch rules! Oh yeah, I use the word “bitch” a lot in the book. (Also, “cunt,” also “ho,” also “twink,” also “slut,” but not “heffah.”) Sorry. I am formally apologizing to old-school feminists as of this moment. (It’s how Dolores talks; she made me do it! She might say to me now: “Yo, stop being such a bitch!”)

Congratulations, Richard! I can’t wait to get the published book to read!

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