S.O.S. Steve Jobs! eBooks Will Save You!

I learn from JK on the Run that Amazon is going to be releasing its horrible ebook reading machine — still with its horrible name: The Kindle — soon.

I further learn from the NY Times article JKotR links to that Google is getting into ebooks too!

Hmmm… isn’t Google about to introduce a cellphone too?

Would it be too insane to think Google’s ebooks will be accessible from Google’s phone? I don’t think so.

Earlier this week, Apple liberated the iPhone-less masses by melting the price down by $200, stirring an outcry from all those who went to buy one very early just so they could Be Cool. Instead of shutting up and paying their deserved Ego Tax, they waaa-waaahed to Apple. (They should be grateful he didn’t instantly obsolete their iPhones by introducing a new model! Something Sony constantly did with their CLIE line of Palm OS PDAs.)

Steve Jobs gave them a $100 apple Store credit (real world value = $30).

Now if Jobs had introduced eBooks into the iTunes Store this week, he could have placated the Early Cool Crowd and single-handedly brought into existence a mass market for ebooks by giving all those crybabies a $100 credit for ebooks at the iTunes Store.

Instantly, millions of ebooks in the Apple iRead format would be in circulation. It would have dwarfed all prior attempts to launch ebooks. Singlehandedly, Apple would have made history and changed an industry once again.

Big lost opportunity. For Apple and for all of us wanting ebooks.

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