Blog Notes: Yes, I’m Working On It!


I don’t write something like that during the day. Too many distractions. During the day I grab all the supporting material I need. I do the words in the evening and night.

I plan to bust it loose on Monday.

It’s bound to create a whole new group of enemies for me.

Tough. I’m not part of your filthy tech world. You can’t hurt me.

But I can hurt you.

In the meantime, the dispossessed might want to look at the Asus Eee (that’s probably the sound Hawkins made when Colligan cut his throat):

Asus Eee PC First Thoughts
ASUS Eee PC Hand’s On Preview
eeeuser blog (who knew? I didn’t!)
AllAsus Eee pre-orders
YouTube: ASUS Eee PC介面先睹為快 Live Demo

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