LifeDrive Notes: That Bluetooth Keyboard

I used it for two hours straight last night. Brightness at lowest level. Battery starting at 100%. It dropped to 75%.

This morning, I used the LifeDrive with both the keyboard driver and Bluetooth turned off, doing the usual stylus-on-screen stuff and the battery plummeted from 75% to 64% in just 40 minutes!

As for the keyboard’s performance, I only had one very brief instance of the keyboard going into a letter-repeating fit as was constantly the case when using it with The Biggeest Piece of Shit Known to Man.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the keyboard. I can type for real on it.

Only problem so far is that none of the function keys work with the LifeDrive. On the 770, F1 would drop down the menus. Not so with the LifeDrive. And I haven’t yet found the key combinations that will allow basic things like Copy/Cut/Paste, so I have to use the stylus on the screen.

Having used that keyboard only with the 770, my brain is locked into that dendrite. I kept thinking I had to Save the Memo I was typing into! I had to keep reminding myself I was using a Palm!

More keyboard reports later…

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