Asus Eee: OK. Wait. What’d He Just Say?!!?

The lowdown on Asus’ Eee PC

Startup time is about 5 seconds and – get this – the battery life is a whopping 10 hours.

And in the Comments:

I got the specs from Asus themselves. I was told that, although the toss-up is between a 5GB and 10GB SSD, the latter is more likely at a £199 price point.

Yes, the battery life and startup time surprised me too – my previous blog post on this subject had also said 3 hours and 15 seconds. Of course, let’s see the final product first.


This sounds drastically different than anything described for sale in the US! It tops out at 4GB. 5GB or even 10GB would be bloody breathtaking…

Keep in mind, he’s talking about one priced in British Pounds currency. Right now, the U.S. dollar compared to the Pound is like what the Canadian dollar used to be to the American dollar…

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