Asus Eee: Increasing RAM Possible

Confirmed by ASUS: Eee PC RAM will be Replaceable

Oh yeah, I know the contrast with the below post about the Foleo will shake people up. That’s why I did it.

Are you paying attention, Palm?

It’s a brilliant move by Asus: “Hey, if people want more RAM, let them carry the cost but we’ll keep the price of the machine itself low low low…”

Update: Jaysus. I simply cannot believe the depths of the rotten marketing Palm did for the Foleo. Again, just today, I find out this:

Compact Flash card
In order to upgrade the size default user storage area, you can integrate a Compact Flash card into the system. The Foleo mobile companion supports Compact Flash cards up to 4.0GB in size.

From the Foleo Developer’s Guide. So, they had something similar in mind from the start. Too bad it maxed out at 4GB. Perhaps an OS upgrade could have increased that as CF prices fell… Yes, I know it’s not RAM, but it boosts the lousy 256MB user store in the default configuration that was to be sold in stores.

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