Today’s WTF: Kidnap, Torture

Deputies Investigate Possible Hate Crime

Six Logan County residents are behind bars tonight charged with kidnapping, imprisoning, torturing and sexually assaulting a 23 year old Charleston woman. Deputies found the young African woman Saturday at the Big Creek home of 49 year old Frankie Brewster and her 24 year old son Bobby.

Investigators say the woman was sexually assaulted, stabbed four times in the leg and beaten. The criminal complaint said the woman was forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from the toilet. She was also allegedly chocked, had her hair cut, and was doused with hot water. Her ankle was also allegedly cut while her attacker uttered a racial slur.

This is the home:







Is that little building a freakin outhouse?! Now come on, you just know that during a winter night no one’s bound to leave the “main” house to take a shit. Come morning, it’ll be: “Junior, go empty that bucket!”

There’s always a Junior or three in hellholes like that.

And these creatures wonder why they’re considered Flyover Country.

— linkswipe via Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

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