You Still Make Me Want To Bleed To Death

Some anti-Foleo eejit posted this somewhere (I will spare the eejit the notoriety and I will spare the site from having the eejit on it):

This is innovative, useful, connected, and priced right:

You eejit! It’s just about $1,000! It has 1/2 the screen size of the Foleo and about 1/2 the number of screen pixels. It uses a MicroDrive, not Flash RAM. And the keyboard is utter shit. Let’s see how fast this flops and how fast it’s discontinued.

(Yes, I know there are people who have praised this and JK swears by it, but I saw it and was unconvinced. It’s Windows Mobile. That’s just slightly less traumatizing than Maemo to me.)

(Note to HTC: You may woo me if you wish with a demo unit. But if I skrag it, don’t whine!)

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