Hey, SanDisk! Buy The Foleo IP From Palm!

September 12, 2007

No, I’m not kidding. SanDisk is playing For Real.

Taking On The iPod

One of the new players is the Sansa Clip. The Clip is aimed squarely at same market niche as the Shuffle, which has one gigabyte of storage capacity and retails for $79. The Clip is larger, but costs half as much, has the same storage capacity and includes features not available on the Shuffle, including a small screen to display song titles, an FM radio and a built-in microphone. A two-gigabyte version will be available as well for $60, still nearly $20 less than the Shuffle.

Yeah, I said to watch out for that baby.


Flash is SanDisk’s natural forte. As a leading manufacturer of the chips, the company enjoys cost advantages over rivals. And because the SanDisk brand was already associated with memory cards and USB devices, it wasn’t a great leap for customers to accept a flash music player from the same company.

The Foleo likes Flash, SanDisk. Think. About. That.

The SansaBook. Has a nice ring to it…

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Ed Colligan’s Worst Nightmare

September 12, 2007


Dig it, Ed!

Some Foleo on Flickr

September 12, 2007

rubble without a cause — there are some cruel bastards afoot in this world

Foleo, RIP — how it was

00003 — just gorgeous

Palm Foleo — another beauty shot

Palm Foleo Preview 2007-07-19 — twenty-five pics; thirteen with Foleo. Go wild. (Christ, this must have been NYC! Palm, you bastards!! I see a Foleo poster. What looks like actual-sized Foleo brochures. And a ton of unused nametags!! Send me one of those brochures, dammit! Now!)

Foleo Sneak Peek, LA — twenty-one pics, mostly Foleo. Goddam — they did give away an actual-size Foleo brochure!!

Entrevista con Palm Mexico – Foleo — Mexico! Look at the Foleo next to the big-ass hp “notebook”!

Ah, this helps chase away the nightmares from the last post! And the one before!

New Disease: Post-Foleo Nightmare Syndrome

September 12, 2007

Consists of sleepness nights visualizing these…



Colligan And Engadget Will Pay For This!

September 12, 2007


No! No!! Nooooo!!! It’s just So Wrong!!

The Foleo Dispossessed

September 12, 2007

Foleo Substitute? — an interesting brief discussion of what to buy now that there’s no Foleo imminently arriving. On flickr of all places!

Quote Of The Day: Popular Mechanics

September 12, 2007

In Defense of the Palm Foleo: Analysis

It’s only a matter of time before an innovative company such as Apple comes out with a low-cost, super-light, instant-on machine that will wow tech-heads, leaving Palm in the position it is in right now—playing catch-up in a technology category it pioneered.

No, I didn’t read this before today. Besides, he throws it off as a single sentence, while I go into the pieces Apple already has in place.

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