Some Foleo on Flickr

rubble without a cause — there are some cruel bastards afoot in this world

Foleo, RIP — how it was

00003 — just gorgeous

Palm Foleo — another beauty shot

Palm Foleo Preview 2007-07-19 — twenty-five pics; thirteen with Foleo. Go wild. (Christ, this must have been NYC! Palm, you bastards!! I see a Foleo poster. What looks like actual-sized Foleo brochures. And a ton of unused nametags!! Send me one of those brochures, dammit! Now!)

Foleo Sneak Peek, LA — twenty-one pics, mostly Foleo. Goddam — they did give away an actual-size Foleo brochure!!

Entrevista con Palm Mexico – Foleo — Mexico! Look at the Foleo next to the big-ass hp “notebook”!

Ah, this helps chase away the nightmares from the last post! And the one before!

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