Asus Eee: XP Runs!

Details Eaking Out on the Asus Eee PC

We just received a few tips from Carlos, a reader, on the Asus Eee PC. This tips come from a friend of his who works at Asus.

* Windows XP has been successfully installed on the Linux based Eee PC

* It will be close to a 300 Euros price point, but with better specs than the cheaper model

* The pricier model might include a bigger screen, and possibly a 16gb flash drive

Whoaaaa on two points there: running XP (my head spins over being able to use my desktop apps on the cheeeeep*) and the 16GB Flash (something kinda mentioned here).

If this machine isn’t total shit, if it can be hacked galore, if it is really affordable and expandable, Asus will have sparked an Apple-like revolution. Hardly anyone will care about the Foleo afterwards. Even Steve Jobs will be hard pressed to come out with a Foleo-like machine at $700.

How long will you torment us all with speculation, Asus?

*(Let’s all remember that battery life specs issued by Asus are based on their configuration of the Eee. Putting in a different OS, expanding the RAM or the Flash could drain the battery too quickly!)

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