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Unicap and UCView on the Asus EeePC

As said, disk space is limited on this device, so it is of special interest how much space the OS leaves to the user in the default installation. On the 4GB model I have, there are about 1.3 GB available to the user. The OS resides in a seperate partition which is combined with the partition for the personal data via unionfs.

My jaw drops.

Less user storage space than my LifeDrive!

On the other hand, it can use an SDHC card…

Go see the picture of it on top of a MacBook. Holy cow.

I like this bit:

The system is equiped with a 900 Mhz ultra low power Intel CPU

Yeah, some horsepower there. This will kick the ass of the Nokia Anti-Internet Tablets for web browsing. Are you paying attention, Palm?

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