Quotes Of The Day: It’s All About Me

From that Flickr group of Foleo dispossessed I mentioned earlier:

As near as I can figure it, Cane’s a rogue critic of all things tech. Definitely not a “suit”. Exults in his independence. Writes with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. One of those self-styled Tech-Zorros, taking on the evil dons who rule the conference rooms in the upper reaches of the towers of Tech Land. (How’s that for purple prose?)


But a fair assessment. Probably too fair. Cane writes with the self absorption of a 15 year old who thinks that simply making obnoxious noise is a community service, but without the savy that most 15 geeks I know have gathered.

Christ. This is the first blog with back-cover blurbs!

For the eejits who still come here under the warped and tunnel-visioned misapprehension that this is a tech blog: How Many Times Must I Bang Upon Your Numb Skulls?

This is what decades of TeeVee does to people — especially now that we have cable TeeVee. Let’s get this straight then: This is the Mike Cane Channel. It’s not the fucking Geek Channel.

And I use the fucking language I want to use: Blog Notes: It’s Now Official. So Shut The Fuck Up.


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