Blog Notes: Indigestion

September 14, 2007

I had hoped to do some blogging today.

But an alleged foodstuff I ingested this morning apparently contained some sort of bacterial trojan horse.

Low energy, mild fever, Just Wanna Die feeling.

Probably no blogging this weekend. Monday I am appointmented twice. Tuesday has been stolen. Probably no average blogging here until next Wednesday…

… unless, of course, this bacteria kills me first.

If I Could Be You

September 14, 2007

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A brilliant book, part of a trio

A stunning screenplay — not one wasted or dull word










Gulley Jimson, artist.

Disheveled, unshaven, chronically short of cash, oppressed by Authority and Suits.

I’d have his life any day over yours.

Size-Off: Foleo Versus Powerbooks

September 14, 2007

Palm Foleo dimensions:

10.55″ x 6.67″ x .94″

Mac Powerbook 100 dimensions:

11″ x 8.5″ x 1.8″

Mac Powerbook 2400 dimensions:

10.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.9″

I was thinking about Apple’s original small laptops and wondering how they sized up to the Foleo.

Amazing: the 100 weighed 5.1 pounds and the 2400c weighed 4.4 pounds versus the Foleo at 2.5 pounds.

Asus Eee: More About Its Keyboard

September 14, 2007

4 different UMPCs, but all with exactly the same keyboard…

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Today’s WTF: Internet As Revenge Tool

September 14, 2007

Mrs. Apotheosis Weblog
Homewrecking Whores, Suicidal Drunks, Pussy Sniffers and Muts.

the look on his face haunted me the next day. I decided to find out what The superficial Forums are all about first hand, and was surprised to find my husband didn’t log off his account. every post I read felt like being stabbed thru the heart. the things he posted… I could not believe my husband, the father of my children would betray me again and again. I found out he had romantic and sexual relationships with numerous female posters. several sent him nude pictures. it is well known in the forums he’s a married family man and no one seems to care.


my husband Brandon, “apotheosis”. though he is very present in my art, I won’t use a picture of him. I don’t want my kids to get hurt, or make a bigger fool of my husband then he already has. I do use his online persona in my art. apparently, he’s pussy sniffing ways are so infamous, he’s been named captain save a ho.

rav or ravioli, my husband’s favorite whore.

Quote Of The Day: Le Grande Fraud

September 14, 2007

Ex-ABC consultant said to fake interview

I am falling from the moon.

Oh this is so good…

A former ABC News consultant fired last year because he couldn’t authenticate academic credentials is at the center of a new dispute over apparently faked interviews with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates and others.

The consultant, Alexis Debat, quit the Nixon Center, a Washington think tank, on Wednesday after Obama’s representatives claimed an interview with the senator appearing under Debat’s byline in the French magazine Politique Internationale never took place. The interview quoted the Democratic presidential candidate as saying the Iraq war was “a defeat for America.”

Pelosi, Gates, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg all said they never gave interviews that appeared in the magazine under Debat’s byline, ABC News’ Web site, the Blotter, reported on Thursday.

…you don’t know how tempted I am to say, You can’t make this up!

Apparently, you can!

I wonder what words he had come out of Bill Gates’ mouth?