Today’s WTF: Internet As Revenge Tool

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the look on his face haunted me the next day. I decided to find out what The superficial Forums are all about first hand, and was surprised to find my husband didn’t log off his account. every post I read felt like being stabbed thru the heart. the things he posted… I could not believe my husband, the father of my children would betray me again and again. I found out he had romantic and sexual relationships with numerous female posters. several sent him nude pictures. it is well known in the forums he’s a married family man and no one seems to care.


my husband Brandon, “apotheosis”. though he is very present in my art, I won’t use a picture of him. I don’t want my kids to get hurt, or make a bigger fool of my husband then he already has. I do use his online persona in my art. apparently, he’s pussy sniffing ways are so infamous, he’s been named captain save a ho.

rav or ravioli, my husband’s favorite whore.


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