The iPod Touch: Don’t Touch It?

There seem to be problems with sound quality compared to past iPods. Even worse, the screen is shit. Look at this photo and see how poorly blacks are displayed.

Another photo showing Touch above and iPhone below. The full article. Something is wrong with that Touch screen! And something is wrong with the DAC chip too.

You see? This is why I am glad not to be able to be one of the first to buy something. I’d be so pissed at having this happen to me.

A few days ago I did a light fondle of the iPod Touch and the new iPod nano. I didn’t fondle long enough to notice screen problems of the Touch. As for the nano, even with my far-less-than-audiophile ears, I felt a lack of depth with the track I always play — R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion. It sounded flat. It sounded less bright than the times I listened to it on past iPods.

As for the nano, that metallic finish will be a problem. I noticed it was already chipping off at the bottoms of all demo units near where the connector touches it. I can forsee that baby being a scratch magnet in my pocket. Also, my hair stood on end when I saw most of the nanos have misaligned screens! The screens aren’t parallel to the top of the fascia. They are mostly all off by a fraction of a millimeter. It’s very noticeable when viewing video. If Steve Jobs saw that personally, I’d think it’d upset him too.

I’d really like to get that new nano, despite the less-deep/bright sound, but I wonder if the Apple Store would laugh at me if I got one with that misaligned screen and wanted to exchange it?

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