Cable TV Sucks. This Is News?

September 16, 2007

Are You Being Cheated by Digital Cable?

I’m not talking about the perennial controversies regarding the bandwidth cable companies provide on digital channels, vs. audio and video quality — that’s a story unto itself.

Yeah, I love it when I tune into something and it looks like the level of graphics I used to see on my old Commdore-64! Millions of colors are scrunched down to 64,000 — if not less!

I even have a problem with full MPEG. Look very carefully and, especially with shadows and blacks, you will see what I call “pixel crawl.” It’s really disgusting. I never thought the switch to digital TV was a good decision. Maybe as the future develops, it will be. But in the meantime, it’s more irritating than pleasant.

Example: When I tune to History Channel on channel 212 in a digital tier, the main channel displays all do say 212, but diagnostics tell me that I’m actually tuned to analog channel 39 — the analog version of History Channel — explaining the lower quality image and resulting recording issues on the TiVo. This is in fact the case for essentially the entire set of channels that exist in both digital and analog tiers on this system right now.

There’s a word for that: FRAUD.

Do you think the government officials who are supposed to protect consumers will care? Hah! It’s TV — and the officials are now overwhelmed testing imports from China for toxic ingredients!

Blog Notes: WordPress Irks Me

September 16, 2007

I just noticed today that somehow Twittervision is no longer appearing in my Blogroll!

Yet when I look at the source of that list, it’s there!

Another bloody email to WordPress Support!

If things disappear, do not assume I deleted them. I post about all changes here.

Update: Aw, dammit. Who Is Sick? is gone too!!

America’s ^Most Smartest Model MySpace Page

September 16, 2007

Via Bulletin from MySpace Friend Mandy Lynn comes word that America’s Most Smartest Model now has its own MySpace page.

If you’re on MySpace, give it an Add.

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