Quote Of The Day: Raquel Reed

September 17, 2007

Rachel Reed’s MySpace Blog:

It was like a spider from the sea.

On her traumatic introduction to lobster as a food.

(Note: MySpace does not give standard links or Permalinks. The link above is to Raquel’s MySpace page. Then go to her blog on that page to read the lobster attack! entry.)

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Blog Notes: Fair Warning For Your Browser!

September 17, 2007

I’m working on the Venomentality post.

Be sure to clear your browser cache before looking. It’s going to be forty-seven 440-wide pictures! (Unlike other sites that post many photos at once, mine are reduced to 72dpi to make them lighter.)

iPhones will probably crash trying to view it. Nokia’s Anti-Internet Tablets will melt under the strain (good!). Palm and WinMob devices will burst into flame.

Anyone out there with a Foleo? Let me know how it handles it! (Send a screensnap!)

I don’t think it’d be smart to also post the Mink photos today. I have even more pictures of that band! I think trying to do all these photos in one day would melt my PC when I tried to view my blog.

Tomorrow I have an appointment of a bodily nature that will probably wipe me out for the day. I will be surprised if I get any blogging done.

So, most likely, the Mink photos will appear Wednesday.

Come back in an hour so for for Venomentality.

Photo Album: Evil Guacamole Cultists Recruit In NYC!

September 17, 2007

Photos taken Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cultists will show up at any event that attracts the young and ignorant. So it was that the Guacamole Liberation Front (GLF) dared to show itself in propinquity to the Virgin Megastore Battle of the Bands yesterday, trying to tempt the stupid innocent to their Way of Life!

Yeah. Just like Jesus Loves Me. They lie!!

Look at that. No shame in expressing their preference!!

And look at this!

One of their ambulatory churches!!

I’ll come back to this later!

Notice those steps. But they shut the door, to fool the cops!

Liars! I happen to know red peppers don’t go “that” way!

T-shirts to fool the vision-impaired. Squint and they read God Squad!

Oh ho ho! You see that? Do you? Do you?

It’s a spy camera! This cult doesn’t trust its own members!!

They say they take a vow of poverty. Does this look like poverty?!!?

Resist them! Don’t dip into their evil beliefs!!

What A World Run By Windows Looks Like

September 17, 2007

Photo taken Sunday, September 16, 2007

Satan Staten Island ferry, Whitehall Terminal


Just remember: Every time Windows crashes, another programmer burns in hell!

Update/Clarification: A site linking to this post thinks I’ve jumped to some sort of Microsoft-hating conclusion here because Microsoft isn’t explicitly mentioned in the photo. This sign has crashed before. And when it did, it explicitly stated MICROSOFT(R) WINDOWS(R). I just didn’t have a camera with me at the time. Here, it just shows the Intel CPU that’s apparently at the heart of the PC running this Windows-software-based sign. All clear now? Good.

Blog Notes: Photomania, Grrr

September 17, 2007

Photomania: I wound up taking over four hundred pictures yesterday. Over 300 at the Virgin Megastore Battle of the Bands. I have pics of Venomentality‘s NYC debut. Also of the band they opened for, Mink.

Then I have some street art and street scene stuff.

I have Real Life things eating my time today, so I don’t know if I can get any pics posted today. We’ll see what happens. That’s a lot of pictures to go through and run through Photo Toolkit!

And it’s just not that, either: I have to hope frikkin WordPress doesn’t have another case of the vapors. I see my Blogroll looks normal again. But the whizzards of WordPress are always tinkering under the hood, loosening wires.

Grrr: I’ve noticed in my Dashboard that some people are linking to this blog from behind closed doors. I’ve got links for emule forums here that I can’t click back to. I get blank pages.

I also have this mysterious thing that’s been linking to here:

All you hackrrs, go find out what that is and tell me. I don’t like people who talk about this blog behind closed doors like that. Stop it.