Blog Notes: Fair Warning For Your Browser!

I’m working on the Venomentality post.

Be sure to clear your browser cache before looking. It’s going to be forty-seven 440-wide pictures! (Unlike other sites that post many photos at once, mine are reduced to 72dpi to make them lighter.)

iPhones will probably crash trying to view it. Nokia’s Anti-Internet Tablets will melt under the strain (good!). Palm and WinMob devices will burst into flame.

Anyone out there with a Foleo? Let me know how it handles it! (Send a screensnap!)

I don’t think it’d be smart to also post the Mink photos today. I have even more pictures of that band! I think trying to do all these photos in one day would melt my PC when I tried to view my blog.

Tomorrow I have an appointment of a bodily nature that will probably wipe me out for the day. I will be surprised if I get any blogging done.

So, most likely, the Mink photos will appear Wednesday.

Come back in an hour so for for Venomentality.

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