Blog Notes: Photomania, Grrr

Photomania: I wound up taking over four hundred pictures yesterday. Over 300 at the Virgin Megastore Battle of the Bands. I have pics of Venomentality‘s NYC debut. Also of the band they opened for, Mink.

Then I have some street art and street scene stuff.

I have Real Life things eating my time today, so I don’t know if I can get any pics posted today. We’ll see what happens. That’s a lot of pictures to go through and run through Photo Toolkit!

And it’s just not that, either: I have to hope frikkin WordPress doesn’t have another case of the vapors. I see my Blogroll looks normal again. But the whizzards of WordPress are always tinkering under the hood, loosening wires.

Grrr: I’ve noticed in my Dashboard that some people are linking to this blog from behind closed doors. I’ve got links for emule forums here that I can’t click back to. I get blank pages.

I also have this mysterious thing that’s been linking to here:

All you hackrrs, go find out what that is and tell me. I don’t like people who talk about this blog behind closed doors like that. Stop it.

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