I Hate It When Sites Don’t Work

MySpace is today’s Let’s-Drive-Cane-Insane agitator. You would think with its popularity and Rupert Murdoch’s filthy bank account backing it, that it would run all so smoothly.


There’s still an unresolved issue about me getting Event Invites that I can’t bloody see!

And today it’s giving me the finger when I try to read Bulletins!

Here I am, getting to MySpace at the start of my online session, so I can get current with Bulletins, and it’s as if I just stepped on a damned landmine!

And it’s not just MySpace. YahooMail drives me up the wall. WordPress drives me up the wall.

I mean WTF is all this? Pull the damned sites down for a good 24 hours to fix things. Better an advance notice like that than this unpredictable interstitial bug-fixing that winds up pounding someone — like me! me! me! — on the head with Page Builds From Hell and other WTFWT? errors.


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