Quote Of The Day: Nathan Singer


That skinny, preppy kid, the only TRUE American in the fucking room, was silenced and abused by five of the state of Florida’s hired goons, and does Senator Kerry tell them to stand down? No, he mumbles and blubbers idiotically as the rest of the students sit silently watching it happen. Fuck these pigs, fuck those apathetic lumps of dogshit just sitting there, and fuck John Kerry.

I saw this video on TV this morning and was shocked. Those cops were acting like Nazis. And Singer is right: Why the hell didn’t Kerry do something?

I think this is an absolute abuse of power — both by the University and by the police. I hope this kid gets the ACLU to sue the bloody fuck out of both entities. Put me on a jury like that, and they’ll never know what hit them!  That kid would be set for life.

I think this is so important to see that I’m embedding it here. Regular readers will know that I rarely embed vids in this blog.

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