The Shock Doctrine: Book And Short Video

MySpace Friend Matthew St. Amand sends out a Bulletin pointing to a short video. I watched it and found that it’s actually from a book.

The book is called The Shock Doctrine and it’s another piece of the puzzle about how this place that is supposed to be our country is spiraling out of control under the drunken power grab of Ayn Rand-fed neocons and their corporate accomplices.


I first encountered free-market advocate economist Milton Friedman (who Ayn Rand actually didn’t think much of — I saw her express her opinion of him in person at her final public appearance in New York City) through a PBS series called Free to Choose.

Under the spell of Ayn Rand back then, I thought his series persuasive and wonderful. Apparently so did a lot of other people who watched it — who, unlike me, never stopped to ask themselves if its advocacy would actually lead to the great economic utopia it implied. Hence the Preisdents we have had (Right, Left, doesn’t matter — different brand names for the same evil; look at the legislation they pass, not their brand name affiliations!).

Friedman, it turns out, was quite an underhanded bastard who was willing to bypass democracy in order to bring about the realization of his economic principles. Understand that: he wanted more freedom for money than for people. Nice guy, huh?

The Shock Doctrine short video (embedded YouTube Flash video) is a brief summary of the Friedman policies for slamming through legislation when we the people are otherwise occupied. And it’s not just legislation — his principles are advocated for our dealings with other nations too. Just like any cancer, it has metastases.

This is a very important video. I’d embed it here, but I’ve already done that once today, and I have my limits when it comes to clogging up this blog with videos (it’s a practice that’s popular elsewhere and which leads to degraded page build times, especially on portable devices).

The video runs a little over six minutes. Take the time to watch it!

Also see author Naomi Klein’s wikipedia entry.

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