Is The Foleo Completely Dead Now?

I’m still planning on writing (all I have are notes in the cloud my head right now) the remaining two parts of my Foleo Disaster series.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d update everyone on an extraordinary phenomenon taking place here.

Seven of the Top Ten Posts here are all about the Asus Eee. (I’d put a nice JPEG of the list here, but WordPress is unwell right now. When WordPress is well again, I’ll strikethrough this and post the JPEG I’ve saved on my hard drive.)


The only other time my Top Posts were virtually monopolized by a subject was Heather Johnston!


(I can post a JPEG for that because it’s already in storage at WordPress. I can’t get it to swallow new JPEGs!)

Asus has both time and economies of scale on its side now. The Foleo was withdrawn, giving them more time to introduce the Eee. And its evident amazing popularity here at this blog just towers over the number of readers who have come here for anything about the Foleo. This means Asus will sell a frikkin ton of them — and that means they can pressure component suppliers to drop their prices. This means we will eventually see price drops along the lines of the iPhone (not that I expect a $200 price drop; but that low-end model could finally go for its original $199 price by early next year).

The Foleo had Treo email sync, which was laughed at. But it had several things I liked: the screen size, the full-size keyboard, and the ability of Palm to gather developers for it (that was unprecedented; the Linux-based Sharp Zaurus didn’t get that; the Nokia Anti-Internet Tablets still don’t have that after being out over a year!).

But now those things just might not matter much. The seven-inch screen is Good Enough. I’ve fondled it on the Samsung UMPCs and it can be used fine. The keyboard might be a problem, but I have a USB keyboard in a pinch. As for developers — well, Asus is bundling so much software with it, that just might not matter at all. They learned from Apple to fill a box with useful software, making the out-of-the-box-experience immediately productive.

Palm would really have to pull one hell of a rabbit out of its hat to compete against the Asus Eee.

Even worse: I really do expect Apple to announce a Flash-based small notebook of some kind in January.

So where oh where does that leave the Palm Foleo?

It might be completely, totally, irredeemably dead.

A collector’s item.

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