Wow. I’m Really Out Of The iPhone Loop!

My. Jaw. Just. Drops.


Screenshots courtesy of the otherwise-annoying “Dock” application. Install it from It puts a little light blurb way down in the lower right corner. When you tap and drag on that just right, managing not to trigger whatever icon is also down in that corner, you get a nice scrolling rainbow “dock” with all of your installed apps. Scroll all the way to the right, and the last two icons are “Screenshot” and “Cancel”. Hit Screenshot, and a couple of seconds later, a screenshot is taken, and added to your Camera Roll with a filename starting with IMG_9000 (I guess so they don’t overwrite existing photos). Then I emailed the non-scaled version of the screenshot to Flickr using the “SendPics” app.

Simple, no? :-)

I have no idea. But I want it!!

Update/More: See this: Apps installed on my iPhone, 9/11/07

— photoswipe from this Flickr account

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