Memo To Palm: Bring A Foleo

September 21, 2007

DigitalLife Expo is in New York City next week.

Palm is going to make an announcement then.

Probably some weak little cellphone thing.

The hell with that!

Bring a Foleo I can fondle!

Instruct your booth bunnies than when they see MIKE CANE on the badge they are to have a nubile blonde whisk me off (figuratively speaking) to a private area where I can fondle the bloody hell out of the Foleo.

(Note to blonde: You can be in the room, but you must stand behind me and face the wall. I want no distractions.)

(Note to Palm: It must be a blonde woman. And don’t send Ed Colligan.)

Bring. It. To. Me. Or stay the hell home!

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Someone Bop Stephen Fry On His Noggin, Dammit

September 21, 2007

Since yesterday the Whirled Wide Webbthing has been abuzz over comedian-author Stephen Fry having a blog and offering up his opinion on smartphones.

Since bloody yesterday I’ve been trying to get to his blog! No go! Argh!

Stephen Fry: I’ve read every damned novel of yours that’s been published in the U.S. Email me your damned blog since it seems I can’t get to it!

The Asus Eee Effect?

September 21, 2007

Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon from Apple

Of course, Apple is always up to something. If there isn’t an Apple rumor within each six-week cycle, you know something is wrong.

What’s interesting about this is this bit:

They are set to be priced extremely aggressively

Does this mean an Apple notebook will break the $1,000 price barrier in a real and meaningful way?

And if Apple does that, won’t it pressure all the Wintel notebook makers to start dropping prices on their upper-end machines (I’m looking at you, Sony — can you guys seriously do anything other than imitate Apple? Did you see their latest crop of notebooks? They stole the Apple keyboard design!)?

Is this rumored aggressive pricing a result of seeing the aggressive interest in the Asus Eee?

And is this a rehearsal of sorts for an all-Flash memory OS X-based notebook ala the Asus Eee?

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Tecktonik: That’s So Gay!

September 21, 2007

Tecktonik dance craze takes Paris by storm [update: dead link]

A new homespun urban dance phenomenon has taken hold in Paris and is quickly spreading to the rest of France through Internet videos and word-of-mouth.

Tecktonik, a mix of hip hop and techno dance, was the talk of this year’s Paris Techno Parade, the annual dance music street carnival that took place in the French capital last Saturday.

Groups of teenagers were overheard chanting “Tecktonik” as dance-offs took place in the street and the evening news bulletins were full of images and testimony from the leaders of this latest craze.

The starting point for the scene is a complex of nightclubs on the southeastern outskirts of Paris called the Metropolis, but there are signs that it is spreading thanks to videos on file-sharing websites YouTube and Dailymotion.

Man, Breitbart has a link to a video at the above. Here are two more YouTube vids;

Dj G@LiOn Teckto Délire

NeeKO MiX [update: dead link]

I looked at these and had to laugh. It’s a mixture of old movie musical moves speeded up (think Judy Garland’s arm moves in Words & Music), John Travolta’s moves from Saturday Night Fever speeded up, and the kind of spasmo moves seriously-effeminate men make as they prance and mince about. In fact, it looks like seriously coked-up runway fashion models still hyper after they’ve exited the spotlight.

There are plenty of YouTube vids (and on DailyMotion, France’s answer to YouTube). Go see and judge for yourself.

So, Did The World End?

September 21, 2007

Today was supposed to be the rumored COAT Day: Collapse Of All Things.

Aside from the dollar drowning in its self-made toilet of debt — the Canadian Dollar now has more value! — I don’t see anything different.

We’re still playing economic musical chairs…

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