Photo Album: Venomentality At Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands (Thursday)


Venomentality participated in the next round of the Virgin Megastore Battle of the Bands last night. The outcome at the end of this post.

But first, the action pictures!

The Virgin Megastore Stage. Where Juliette and the Licks played too!

The band gets last-minute advice from Valerie’s Mom.

Last-minute tuning and checking…

…and it’s on!

Venomentality in full rock effect!

Kristin on bass, Valerie singing

Ben drumming, Valerie singing, Peter guitaring

Ben makes way for Valerie’s power guitar!

Kristin doing her bass guitar thing

Peter doing his guitar thing (with color correction added!)

Valerie using her power voice on the crowd

Valerie pondering her next vocal maneuver (with color correction added!)

Peter making that guitar work!

Valerie bending the guitar to her will!

Ben guilty of beating up his drums again!

Valerie: That weird guy with the camera is here again!
Peter: Oh noes! Will we have to pose again?

Yes! Peter Kansas, Ben Zeigler, Kristin Hoeg, and Valerie Webb

Uh-oh! Ben has that Pre-Scream Look on his face again!

Valerie: I can feel that weird guy behind us!
Peter: Ben, you should have screamed!
Ben: Don’t worry! Kristin is calling the cops.

And the outcome?

I will let Venomentality speak for themselves in today’s MySpace Bulletin:

We’re so excited to announce that Venomentality won first place in the Virgin Megastore Mashup at Union Square in NY!!! Although we didn’t win the grand prize to L.A., we did win a consignment deal with the NY Megastore and we had the experience of a lifetime!

We also had the privilege of meeting some amazing bands…one of which we’d like to give a shout out to…

Please go check out MINK at They are on tour with Satellite Party right now and they were super cool to us. Go friend them and tell them Venomentality sent ya!

We represented upstate as best we could and it was a blast! Thanks to Shane and the entire staff and Virgin, and to everyone who came out to watch the bands!

Congratulations! It was a great show by them!

When their CD is available, I’ll let everyone know!

In the meantime, sample some of their tunes on their MySpace Page.

And if you look at their new photos, no, you’re not seeing double. I gave them a copy on CD-R of all the photos I took last time and they’ve posted some of them.

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