The Asus Eee Effect?

Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon from Apple

Of course, Apple is always up to something. If there isn’t an Apple rumor within each six-week cycle, you know something is wrong.

What’s interesting about this is this bit:

They are set to be priced extremely aggressively

Does this mean an Apple notebook will break the $1,000 price barrier in a real and meaningful way?

And if Apple does that, won’t it pressure all the Wintel notebook makers to start dropping prices on their upper-end machines (I’m looking at you, Sony — can you guys seriously do anything other than imitate Apple? Did you see their latest crop of notebooks? They stole the Apple keyboard design!)?

Is this rumored aggressive pricing a result of seeing the aggressive interest in the Asus Eee?

And is this a rehearsal of sorts for an all-Flash memory OS X-based notebook ala the Asus Eee?

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