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King Algorithm
An Oracle for Our Time, Part Man, Part Machine

As you sit with your eHarmony spouse watching the movies Netflix prescribes, you might as well be an avatar in Second Life. You have been absorbed into the operating system.

Did any of you ever read John Douglas’s books?

They drove me mad. He was able to profile criminal suspects down to make and color of vehicle. Do you understand the process of sorting that had to be gone through to accomplish that? Even more maddening, with certain other details he could determine, it made me wonder if all human beings are nothing more than a series of clichés strung together. Are there certain OSes that run human beings, so that someone can determine their core, underlying motivation? Their “algorithm?” And where does that algorithm come from? Is it innate in all of us? Do we create it as we go along? Are there a limited number of algorithms for human beings?

This shit should worry you.

It began with advertising. Moved into law enforcement. And can easily be used for evil purposes by government. Even our government.

How would you like your door bashed in by a team of paramilitary cops and have yourself dragged off because some secret calculation by the Pre-Crime/Pre-Terror Bureau has stated you’re a future hazard?

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