Photo Album: Museum Of Sex, NYC

Photos taken Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here’s something for Warren Ellis’s research folder…

Reading from Left to Right:
Knicker Wetting, Saline Injections, Haircutting, Diaper Play, Shaving, Penetrations, Adult Babies, Shrimping, Enemas, Scat, Golden Showers, Blood


Reading from Left to Right:
Gaping Maws, Amputee Wannabes, Giants, Casts and Braces, Cannibal Play, Stuffing, Vore, Car Accidents

Reading from Left to Right:
Rubber Mackintoshes, Rubber Inflation, Hazmat, High Heels, Fetishistic Transvestism, Immobilization, Angora Sweaters, Gas Masks, Panties. Bras, Lactation

I’m not going to otherwise comment. I’d just display my kink virginity total lack of experience awful ignorance of this subject…

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