September 2007 Contents (Final Contents Ever)

September 30, 2007

September 2007 Contents

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September 2007 subhead: Ah, You want to know why I hate you today! — Charles Baudelaire

August 2007 Contents

A Post-iTunes Fable For NBC
Quote Of The Day: Jobs Rulz, Gates Luz
Jff Zukr: Ur No Gneeiz No
Jeff Zucker: He Don’t Do Emo
Newsflash! Jeff Zucker Buys Condo From Dick Morris!
Jeff Zucker: Like Dubya, Only Worse
By The Book: Jeff Zucker Vs. Steve Jobs
Bands: MySpace Profile Caution
Another Tribute To CBGB’s Hilly Kristal
Bands: Girls Rock & Girls Rule Tour
Reference: Cold? Flu? Cough? Worse?
Blog Notes: Photos
What? They’re Making A Movie I Want To See?!!?
Blog Notes: Stupid Freakin Avatar
Quote Of The Day: The Genius Of Jack Kirby
Final Cut? Shred It For All I Care!
Remember This The Next Time The MPAA Cries About Piracy!
Iris Bahr And The Two Karnafs
OK, Now The Foleo Scares Me
It’s All About Noticing Things
I Wish I Thought Of That!
Oh Jesus! Fake Steve Jobs Is Wooing Me!
Left Is The New Black For The Web
Fake Fake Steve Jobs Still Has Mojo
Tomorrow’s iPod: The Beginning Of Bliss?
Blog Notes: No Pictures For Me!
Blog Notes: Record Traffic Day
David Bamford Offers Vacation Advice
Blog Notes: OK, Now I’m Gone
Palm Kills Foleo
Blog Notes: Short Day
Reading: September 5 2007
So Where Is It?
New iPod Nano!
Blog Notes: Announcing A Shipping Delay
Newsflash! Pictures Of Corpses Left In Wake Of iPhone Price Cut!
Today’s Episode Of The Steve Jobs Show, Plus More
LifeDrive Notes: My Innate Fekkin Idiocy
LifeDrive Notes: I Can Has Bluetooth Keyboard?!!?
Newsflash! Palm Did Something RIGHT?!!? Almost.
Blog Notes: Almost Cancelled!
If We Can’t Have Momentum On This, Can I At Least Get An Amen, Brother?
Quote Of The Day: Uncov
S.O.S. Steve Jobs! eBooks Will Save You!
The DUH! File: BoingBoing Catches Up
A Second Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: You Got Chucked!
A Third Post-iTunes Fable For NBC: Steve Jobs Is Journeyman
Blog Notes: Attention Eejit PR Flaks
Richard Perez Has Finished His New Novel!
Laugh Of The Day: Raquel Villo
Book: Heartsick/HeartSick
Blogroll: Fake Fake Steve Jobs Added
Today’s WTF?
I’m So Bad, I’m Good
Blog Notes: I Know You Want It. And I Want To Give It To You. Really!
Dumbass Of The Year: Ed Colligan
Uh-Oh. Is Something Cooking?
LifeDrive Notes: That Bluetooth Keyboard
Reading: September 8 2007
This Is The Kind Of Shit Being Sensssssitive Produces
Uh, Yeah.
Quote Of The Day: Nathan Singer
Oh My God. What Am I Doing?
The Suit In All Its Pinstriped Anti-Glory
Blog Notes: Yes, I’m Working On It!
Asus Eee = Flybook = RSI
Asus Eee And Palm PDAs
Gone. And Forgotten.
Big Balls. No Dick.
What Was Your ROS*, Palm?
Asus Eee: OK. Wait. What’d He Just Say?!!?
Hey, Google! Give Americans This Too!
The Murder Of The Work Ethic
I Don’t Like The Looks Of This…
Is Google Better Than Spy Agencies?
Quote Of The Day: Michael Mace
Sony Makes A Music Segway
The Palm Foleo Disaster: Part One
Asus Eee: Increasing RAM Possible
Yes, I Know What Day It Is
YouTube: Bus Driver Beaten In China
Foleo: The Beat Goes On…
You Still Make Me Want To Bleed To Death
Today’s WTF: Kidnap, Torture
NBC: Settle With Apple
Blog Notes: Brain Fever
Quote Of The Day: Flashback To iPod Introduction
Blog Notes: Today
Heather: Judge Remains
Thanks, Palm! I Will!!
Today’s Bellylaugh: Eat This!
Quotes Of The Day: It’s All About Me
Ah, Discipline!
Creators: It Begins!
Hey, Murdoch! Give These Guys A MySpace Series Too!
Will Palm Die Or Show Others How To Be Reborn?
It’s Breakaway Day
New Asus Eee Article
So, No Microsoft Moon After All!
Asus Eee: XP Runs!
Asus Eee: OS X?!
Social Robots
Asus Eee: The New Timex-Sinclair?!!?
Quote Of The Day: Le Grande Fraud
Today’s WTF: Internet As Revenge Tool
Asus Eee: More About Its Keyboard
Size-Off: Foleo Versus Powerbooks
If I Could Be You
Blog Notes: Indigestion
Girls Don’t Cry 9:30PM Tonight September 14 2007 @ Connolly’s NYC
Asus Eee Versus Raon Digital Everun
An Ode To All My Dear, Dear Readers…
Band: Juliette And The Licks — New Graphics
Jeffree Star On Britney At MTV VMA
Help Her Get New Tits
When You Fight The Internet, You Lose
Blog Notes: WordPress Broken
Happy Anny: The Utube Blog
Girls Don’t Cry Has New Songs Up On MySpace!
Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk
The iPod Touch: Don’t Touch It?
Brain, Mind, Consciouness, Quantumness, Spookiness
Pink Power
Yeah, That’s It. Cue The Vigilantes!
Band: Venomentality, Tomorrow Sunday September 16 2007 @ Virgin Megastore Union Square NYC
America’s ^Most Smartest Model MySpace Page
Singer Sofia Talvik Rasing Funds For Her Music
Blog Notes: WordPress Irks Me
Cable TV Sucks. This Is News?
Band: Venomentality, Today Sunday September 16 2007 @ Union Square Park NYC
Blog Notes: Photomania, Grrr
What A World Run By Windows Looks Like
Photo Album: Evil Guacamole Cultists Recruit In NYC!
Photo Album: Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands In New York City
Blog Notes: Fair Warning For Your Browser!</a
Quote Of The Day: Raquel Reed
Photo Album: Venomentality At Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands (Sunday)
I Hate It When Sites Don’t Work
Quote Of The Day: Nathan Singer
America’s ^Most Smartest Model Casting Videos
The Shock Doctrine: Book And Short Video
Tech Quote Of The Day: Uncov
Asus Eee To Do Color Covers
Asus Eee: Alleged Hands-On Report
Blog Notes: WordPress Is Ill Once Again!
Reference: $99 decTOP Computer
YouTube: New Asus Eee Vids
Full Metal Jacket For MacBook
Wow. I’m Really Out Of The iPhone Loop!
Foleo: Dude, I’m Not Getting A Fat-Ass Dell!
Asus Eee: Real Hands-On Report With New Pics
Blog Notes: WordPress Still Ill
Is The Foleo Completely Dead Now?
Quote Of The Day: Death Penalty Advocacy Edition
Mind, Brain
Quote Of The Day: No Justice Edition
I Think You Need This Reminder
YouTube: Gerry Anderson Documentary
Asus Eee: WTF?
Asus Eee: Even On Mars?!!?
Blog Notes: Alexa
Asus Eee: My Head Is Now Spinning!
Hi! My Name Is Jeff Zucker. And I Think You’re Stupid.
Blog Notes: That’s A Wrap For Today
Band: Venomentality @ Virgin Megastore Union Square NYC Tonight September 20 2007 At 7PM!
Blog Notes: WordPress Maintenance Today
So, Did The World End?
Blog Notes: I’m Not Playing Tag
Tecktonik: That’s So Gay!
The Asus Eee Effect?
Someone Bop Stephen Fry On His Noggin, Dammit
Memo To Palm: Bring A Foleo
Photo Album: Venomentality At Virgin Megastore Battle Of The Bands (Thursday)
Major eDonkey Servers Down
Go Get Yer Stephen Fry, Unillustrated
Asus Eee Gets Dissected By Mad Russians
Tech Quote Of The Day: James Kendrick
Blog Notes: Categories Still Screwed Up
Our President Admits He Is A War Criminal
YouTube: Dune Movie Trailer
R.I.P.: Alice Ghostley
Reading: September 23 2007
The Hot Xmas Toy: Now You’ve Been Warned
America, Hijacked
New MacBooks = Optical Drive Bye-Bye
Band: Venomentality On Radio Tonight Sunday September 23 2007 At 10PM EDST
They Want To Erase Bukowski’s Bungalow
Blog Notes: Categories Still Broken
Attention Dennis Potter Fans: Romance & Cigarettes Is Out In New York City
YouTube: What Did She Eat?!!?
Hey, You Timid Wimps Who Wail About My Language!
Where The Gods Create
We’re Puppets Of Biology. PKD’s Electric Ant.
Tech Quote Of The Day
YouTube: Copwatchers
Can Apple Create A Real Handheld Market?
Blog Notes: Categories Still Not Working
Asus Eee: Four Models
NBC’s Journeyman: Thumbs Down
Quote Of The Day: Pool Cleaner For Senior Bush
Blog Notes: Last Request Before I Go Nuclear On All Of You
eBooks On iPhone: Reading Software
Reference: List Of iPhone Native Apps
Asus Eee: Second Part Of Blogeee Review Posted
Blog Notes: I’m Imposing A Tax On Your Ass
Tech Quote Of The Day: Internet 2
Reference: iPod Touch Versus iPhone
Our Government: You’re Now All Our Bitches
You Better Read This To Save Your Ass
The Final Shearing Of The Sheep. Now Baaaa.
Quote Of The Day: The Doctor Mengele Weapon
Tech Bellylaugh Of The Day: Uncov
Blog Notes: You Were Seeing Things, That’s All
Greetings From The Pentagon. Christ Sent Us To Kill You.
Blog Notes: Aiiiiieeeeee!!
Baaaa, Sheep, Baaaa. Your Shearing Is Near.
Blog Notes: New Category
Do You Feel It Yet? That Soft Pillow? It’s Bush Smothering Your Rights To Death!
Blog Notes: I’ll Punish You Lot. I Will!
India At 60
Palm’s Outlook
Oh. Wow.
Oh My God. They’re Remixing Reality Again.
Writing Quote Of The Day: K.A. Bedford
Blog Notes: The Nuke Countdown Continues
Photo Album: Harvest Moon, September 25 2007
Photo Album: India At Sixty, South Street Seaport NYC
Real Life Quote Of The Day: Me & That Other Me
Reference: Free Clip Art
Blog Notes: More WordPress Illness
I Will Torment You All Until You Relent!
Writer: Barry Eisler Japanese Edition
FLASH: George Bush Attempts School Shooting
Apple To Rewrite Computing Again
Band: Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows In NYC Tomorrow Night September 27 2007 @ 11PM
Asus Eee: Part One Of Review In Spanish
YouTube: One Lucky (Or Rich!) Fan
Blog Notes: I Blog, You Decide
Heather: Sue For Slander. I’ll Testify!
Blog Notes: DigitalLife Expo Today
My Language Influence Spreads
Google Is The Last Place I Would Look For Movies
Asus Eee: Carrying Pouch
Foleo: Hands-On Report
Band: Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows In NYC Tonight September 27 2007 @ 11PM
Iran, Yesterday
Blog Notes: I Will Melt Your Browser
Photo Album: Museum Of Sex, NYC
Photo Album: DigitalLife Expo 2007
Whoa! Apple, I Didn’t Mean Death Star As in Suicidal!
Blog Notes: My Finger Is On The Button
Blog Notes: tick… tick… tick…
Tick… Tick… Tick… For Us All


Tick… Tick… Tick… For Us All

September 30, 2007

Hear, Hear
Americans should not fear talking–and listening–to those whose views we loathe.

[T]his has been our history: to let all speak and to fear no one. That’s a good history to continue.

This is brilliant.