Foleo: Dude, I’m Not Getting A Fat-Ass Dell!

September 19, 2007

This photo is for all those eejits who think an el-cheapo Dell notebook can replace a Foleo:


Like, dude, if you can’t tell, heh-heh, the Foleo is on the right.

The only thing that makes the Foleo look huge is an iPhone:


– photoswipe from the Flickr account of Josh Bancroft, who has a killer iPhone

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Wow. I’m Really Out Of The iPhone Loop!

September 19, 2007

My. Jaw. Just. Drops.


Screenshots courtesy of the otherwise-annoying “Dock” application. Install it from It puts a little light blurb way down in the lower right corner. When you tap and drag on that just right, managing not to trigger whatever icon is also down in that corner, you get a nice scrolling rainbow “dock” with all of your installed apps. Scroll all the way to the right, and the last two icons are “Screenshot” and “Cancel”. Hit Screenshot, and a couple of seconds later, a screenshot is taken, and added to your Camera Roll with a filename starting with IMG_9000 (I guess so they don’t overwrite existing photos). Then I emailed the non-scaled version of the screenshot to Flickr using the “SendPics” app.

Simple, no? :-)

I have no idea. But I want it!!

Update/More: See this: Apps installed on my iPhone, 9/11/07

– photoswipe from this Flickr account

Full Metal Jacket For MacBook

September 19, 2007

Shimura Metal Jacket MacBook…

Go look. Very nice. I’d say this would be great for the Asus Eee too, but it’d probably double its weight!

– linkswipe via MobilePC-Review

The iPod Touch: Don’t Touch It?

September 15, 2007

There seem to be problems with sound quality compared to past iPods. Even worse, the screen is shit. Look at this photo and see how poorly blacks are displayed.

Another photo showing Touch above and iPhone below. The full article. Something is wrong with that Touch screen! And something is wrong with the DAC chip too.

You see? This is why I am glad not to be able to be one of the first to buy something. I’d be so pissed at having this happen to me.

A few days ago I did a light fondle of the iPod Touch and the new iPod nano. I didn’t fondle long enough to notice screen problems of the Touch. As for the nano, even with my far-less-than-audiophile ears, I felt a lack of depth with the track I always play — R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion. It sounded flat. It sounded less bright than the times I listened to it on past iPods.

As for the nano, that metallic finish will be a problem. I noticed it was already chipping off at the bottoms of all demo units near where the connector touches it. I can forsee that baby being a scratch magnet in my pocket. Also, my hair stood on end when I saw most of the nanos have misaligned screens! The screens aren’t parallel to the top of the fascia. They are mostly all off by a fraction of a millimeter. It’s very noticeable when viewing video. If Steve Jobs saw that personally, I’d think it’d upset him too.

I’d really like to get that new nano, despite the less-deep/bright sound, but I wonder if the Apple Store would laugh at me if I got one with that misaligned screen and wanted to exchange it?

Size-Off: Foleo Versus Powerbooks

September 14, 2007

Palm Foleo dimensions:

10.55″ x 6.67″ x .94″

Mac Powerbook 100 dimensions:

11″ x 8.5″ x 1.8″

Mac Powerbook 2400 dimensions:

10.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.9″

I was thinking about Apple’s original small laptops and wondering how they sized up to the Foleo.

Amazing: the 100 weighed 5.1 pounds and the 2400c weighed 4.4 pounds versus the Foleo at 2.5 pounds.

Asus Eee: OS X?!

September 13, 2007

InsanelyMac Forum / Homebrew Macs (Home of OSx86). / OSx86 Installation

i am going to get an asus eee, and knowing that the cheapest one has upgradeable ram, the only obstacle is this: storage space.

the cheapest model has 2gb of flash hard drive space. can osx86 be configured to install to that?


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Asus Eee: XP Runs!

September 13, 2007

Details Eaking Out on the Asus Eee PC

We just received a few tips from Carlos, a reader, on the Asus Eee PC. This tips come from a friend of his who works at Asus.

* Windows XP has been successfully installed on the Linux based Eee PC

* It will be close to a 300 Euros price point, but with better specs than the cheaper model

* The pricier model might include a bigger screen, and possibly a 16gb flash drive

Whoaaaa on two points there: running XP (my head spins over being able to use my desktop apps on the cheeeeep*) and the 16GB Flash (something kinda mentioned here).

If this machine isn’t total shit, if it can be hacked galore, if it is really affordable and expandable, Asus will have sparked an Apple-like revolution. Hardly anyone will care about the Foleo afterwards. Even Steve Jobs will be hard pressed to come out with a Foleo-like machine at $700.

How long will you torment us all with speculation, Asus?

*(Let’s all remember that battery life specs issued by Asus are based on their configuration of the Eee. Putting in a different OS, expanding the RAM or the Flash could drain the battery too quickly!)

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Will Palm Die Or Show Others How To Be Reborn?

September 13, 2007


Can Palm find a way to survive?

As he stood up to boast of his latest creation, Palm founder Jeff Hawkins had no doubts about its bright future. “Foleo represents a whole new product direction both for Palm and for mobile computing,” he enthused ahead of the device’s launch in May. “In my opinion, the Foleo is going to be most successful and the most significant product that Palm has done.”

A month on, Ed Colligan, president and chief executive of Palm, was still keen to back up Hawkins’s grand vision. Foleo represented “the dawning of another major design era of mobile computing”, Colligan told analysts, even though he admitted that initial sales were likely to be slow. Worries about Foleo’s future then set in. By the start of this month, instead of being shipped to stores, the Foleo project had been cancelled.

To observers it was yet another example of Palm struggling, as it has for years, to regain the lead it once held as the world’s premier maker of handheld (or “palmtop”) computers.

I must quote myself:

Palm could have never developed the iPhone. Because it didn’t fit into what they were taught so long ago. Zoomer owners wound up creating a sort of design religion that’s hardened into a crust of fundamentalism at Palm. It explains why Palm has been so hard of hearing towards its users: we are like infidels and they are like Muslim clerics! Only they know the Truth.

I’d like to hold out hope that the Elevation Partners people will wrench Palm into the present and even the future. But so much time has been wasted! Plus, Palm’s leadership, just like Muslim clerics, tends to believe what it wants to be believe:


To date, we have not seen significant seasonal variations in customer demand for Treo smartphones. This lack of seasonality contrasts with our experience of selling handheld computers due to three factors. First, the smartphone category has been growing rapidly which may mask any potential seasonality. Second, smartphone sales volumes are influenced by carrier adoption and the release and timing of specific carrier versions which could occur at any time during the fiscal year. Third, our smartphones are sold at higher prices than handheld computers and holiday seasonality typically affects demand for lower priced products. As we introduce lower priced smartphones, we may experience similar seasonality as with our handheld computers.

Our handheld computer lines have historically been affected by seasonality, with associated revenues generally sequentially higher in the second quarter of our fiscal year, as distributors and retailers purchase product in anticipation of the December holiday selling season. We also have historically experienced smaller positive effects on revenue in the first and fourth quarters of our fiscal year, as distributors and retailers purchase product in anticipation of the back-to-school and the Father’s Day and graduation selling seasons, respectively. The timing of our new product launches also contributes to fluctuations in our revenue. While we historically introduced new handheld computer products in the fall and in the spring, which historically contributed to higher revenue in the second and fourth fiscal quarters, respectively, this pattern has been less pronounced with the product mix shifting to smartphones.

Unasked is: Are people not giving Treos as gifts because they suck? People won’t give other people something as a gift if they don’t like it themselves.

“The market grew 45% but Palm, with Treo, quarter after quarter it has not increased share,” added Cozza. “Palm is stuck at 3% and its growth is below the market average, whereas competitors like Rim [which makes the BlackBerry] and Nokia are increasing share.”

How will Ed Colligan explain the millions of iPhones bought as gifts later this year? Fluke? Apple Reality Distortion Field? Alien abductions?


“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.’”
Ed Colligan


“In my opinion, the Foleo is going to be most successful and the most significant product that Palm has done.”
– Ed Colligan


Hey, SanDisk! Buy The Foleo IP From Palm!

September 12, 2007

No, I’m not kidding. SanDisk is playing For Real.

Taking On The iPod

One of the new players is the Sansa Clip. The Clip is aimed squarely at same market niche as the Shuffle, which has one gigabyte of storage capacity and retails for $79. The Clip is larger, but costs half as much, has the same storage capacity and includes features not available on the Shuffle, including a small screen to display song titles, an FM radio and a built-in microphone. A two-gigabyte version will be available as well for $60, still nearly $20 less than the Shuffle.

Yeah, I said to watch out for that baby.


Flash is SanDisk’s natural forte. As a leading manufacturer of the chips, the company enjoys cost advantages over rivals. And because the SanDisk brand was already associated with memory cards and USB devices, it wasn’t a great leap for customers to accept a flash music player from the same company.

The Foleo likes Flash, SanDisk. Think. About. That.

The SansaBook. Has a nice ring to it…

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Ed Colligan’s Worst Nightmare

September 12, 2007


Dig it, Ed!


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