Blog Notes: My Finger Is On The Button

September 28, 2007

I had planned to get up photos of the New York City debut of Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows show from last night (which accounted for my lack of sleep). But now there is no time.

The odds are I will not be blogging this weekend.

This means I will return on Monday. Monday is the first anniversary of this blog. It could also be its last day.

I will nuke this blog on Monday unless.

My finger is already on the button. See?



Blog Notes: I Will Melt Your Browser

September 28, 2007

I’m going to pour near, maybe even more than, one hundred photos into this blog today.

If your PC melts, if your browser asphyxiates, too bad.

That’s what you get for not obeying.

Blog Notes: DigitalLife Expo Today

September 27, 2007

All of you had better hope that Palm acts true to form and does not bring a Foleo for me to molest.

All of you had better hope there is not an Asus Eee there for me to molest.

If either of those appear, you think I’m going to write up my Patented Detailed As All Fuck Fondle Reports for you?

I see the trend here.

Hit those PayPal accounts. Especially you fat bastards sitting there in your underwear with your $600 iPhones next to you. Don’t plead poverty to me!

Or be wearing lead when you come to this blog on Monday.

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Blog Notes: More WordPress Illness

September 26, 2007

I’m having a huge shitload of problems with WordPress right now, preventing me from getting a large post out.

A JPEG link won’t work. It’s a JPEG I’ve used before and it’s now broken everywhere in the blog.

I can’t see the HTML code of the post, just formatted-for-posting text.


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Blog Notes: The Nuke Countdown Continues

September 26, 2007


All of you had better get busy.

Tomorrow is DigitalLife. I won’t be blogging tomorrow.

Depending on what I see at DigitalLife, I might not blog Friday. I’ll be at the show.

Saturday and Sunday I have no plans to blog.

Monday is the first anniversary of this blog.

All I do on Monday is see if anything has changed to my satisfaction with the fundraising tallies.

If not, I hit The Button on this blog and it goes away.

Don’t cry if this blog goes away.

And it won’t be brought back to life once dead.

I’ve already planned out a post-blog life for myself.

Blog Notes: I’ll Punish You Lot. I Will!

September 25, 2007

I know how to get up your noses.

DigitalLife is coming up here in New York City, beginning Thursday.

I’ll be there (with feral bodyguardage so don’t get twee ideas).

With a camera.

Now what if there’s an Asus Eee?

What if Palm heeds my threats accedes to my begging listens to reason and brings a Foleo for me to fondle?

You think I won’t molest the shit out of those things?

And then want to blog about them here?

Ah, but this blog might go away on Monday.

So why the fuck should I waste my time putting up such good stuff for your ungrateful ass?

Prove me otherwise. Click click give give.

Blog Notes: New Category

September 25, 2007

I have added a new category for a term I have coined: C.O.A.T.

Collapse Of All Things

I believe we are headed towards that, at least in this country. (I think Europe will run the fuck away from us when we start to sink.)

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