Blogroll: Fake Fake Steve Jobs Added

September 7, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs is still dead to me.

But the Fake Fake Steve Jobs (who is sometimes now not as good as the Real Fake Steve Jobs — he keeps losing The FSJ Voice) is put on the blogroll.


Because he’s a brother writer, goddammit.


Even if, jaysus!, he’s got a fucking suit on him.


Save my sanity! PhotoShop a goddammed black T or turtleneck on ya!

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Blogroll Addition: Tito Perdue

August 27, 2007

It’s not a blog, but it’s the only web presence writer extraordinaire Tito Perdue has.

Prepare yourself before going there. Go buy his cult classic novel Lee. That will put you in the proper humble frame of mind to approach him.

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Blogroll Addition: Network Baby Profile

August 21, 2007

See prior post.

I’m on Facebook too, but I despise it. It looks and acts exactly like what it is: a boring meeting room for Suits.

I don’t think I’ll be adding my Facebook Profile to the Blogroll.

Blogroll: Fake Steve Jobs Deleted

August 8, 2007

I stopped over there. Read his latest post.

It just doesn’t work for me anymore.

I think this really surpasses the death of Junkiness as the saddest thing I’ve had to do on this blog.

Brad Stone, I hate you to death. May your name become a byword and may you … well, I will stop there.

Blogroll: Junkiness Deleted

August 2, 2007

This is the saddest thing I’ve yet had to do in this blog.

A moment of silence…

Blog Notes: Blogroll Deletion, Probations

July 30, 2007

Oh man. Stupidity Tracker is apparently dead. I hope that didn’t happen to its webmaster too!


Scribez hasn’t published anything new since March. A tragedy!

Junkiness has also recently gone silent. An email to them didn’t fetch any reply.

Thanks for making me feel like the fucking Kiss of Death!

Blogroll Addition: Uncov

July 18, 2007

Now this is what Net journalism should be. Immediate blogroll add!


Finally! Iain Levison Has A Website And Now It’s On My Blogroll Too.

July 13, 2007

The author of two excellent books — A Working Stiff’s Manifesto and Since the Layoffs (quoted in the previous post) — finally has a website years and years and years after I saw him at a New York City Barnes & Noble talk/signing for Since the Layoffs.

Immediate add to my Blogroll. Now go visit!

Blogroll Addition: Bible Resources

June 15, 2007

Bible Resources

Because I sometimes quote it and having it in the Blogroll is handy for me.

Blogroll Addition: International Noir Fiction

June 8, 2007

International Noir Fiction